General Practitioner


At Nottingham Orthopaedic Group we understand the importance of GP’s being able to diagnose, treat and manage a patient in the community, and when to refer on.

Through our orthopaedic updates and “hot topics” sessions we can help GP’s focus on the key elements to patient history, examination and diagnostics for orthopaedic conditions.

We will work with you to cover topics that your practice needs, or you can book us for one of our named sessions.  All of our Specialists are available for individual or group bookings.

For further information or to book an education session with NOG please complete the enquiry form.

“Hot Topics”

  • Shoulder injections
  • The effective management of shoulder impingement
  • The effective management of rotator cuff disorders
  • Non-operative management of …
  • Hip replacements – who needs one and what are the outcomes?
  • Knee problems – what to look for and what can be done?
  • Foot and ankle injections in primary care. What? When? How?

Orthopaedic Updates

  • Shoulder problems in primary care – when to refer
  • Management of the arthritic hip and knee
  • Managing the young arthritic knee – “My patient has knee pain but they are too young for a joint replacement”
  • Foot and ankle problems in primary care. – What? When? Who?


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